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  • October 9, 2017

18 – 12 – 17
Last round of 2017 for the Edwards Cup was played today at Donald Place on a very good and fast green. Participants were treated to a wonderful afernoon tea catering done by the Donald Place Catering Company.

Action at Donald Place.


Edwards Cup
Round 10
18- 12 - 17Bernie Bigg
Elmwood Park BlueElmwood Park GoldBegins 8 - 1 - 18@ Heaton Street
A. Reid9 - 18Elmwood Park Bluev Barrington United
R. Wear14 - 12Elmwood Park Goldv Fendalton
R. Prouting20 - 6PointsTill 11/12/17
Elmwood Park Blue 2 Elmwood Park Gold 1Elmwood Park Blue10 1/2
Elmwood Park Gold v Elmwood Park Blue Fendalton10 1/2
T. Sandrey6 - 20Elmwood Park Gold8 1/2
G. Lowe18 - 9Barrington United6 1/2
T. Doocey12 - 14
Elmwood Park Gold 1Elmwood Park Blue 2
Fendalton 2 1/2Barrington United 1/2
PointsTill 11/12Edwards Cup begins 8 - 1 - 18Venue: Fendalton
Elmwood Park Blue36Elmwood Park Blue v Fendalton
Barrington United26Elmwood Park Gold v Barrington United
Elmwood Park Gold21

16 – 12 – 17

A relaxing day in the sun, about 60 people came to play and socialize at a fun Chrstmas roll up at Donald Place. The day was completed with a wonderful afternoon tea and a visit from Santa.

Master of ceremonies Tim Sandrey organzing presents from Santa.



David Grice leading the singing.




President Ian Rule speaking to the troops.


13 – 12 – 17
Well done to the ladies fours team of Pam Phair, MaryAnn Johnstone, Emily Robbis and Pam Nicholson who have got through to the Centre Fours post section and will be playing on Saturday at Burnside. [11.30.] Sadly they were beaten by the Tayla Bruce four from Burnside.


Click on the icon and see who will be involved in interclub playoffs to be held at Woolston Park on the weekend of January 20 – 21.
Congratulations to Mat Bassett who qualified for the semifinals of the U8 men’s singles on Sunday, the games were played at Heaton Street. The semifnals will be played on finals weekend.
Well done to Jonathan Flint who advanced in the Centre singles to the semi finals which will be played on finals weekend, 20 – 21 January??? Jonathan reached this by defeating fellow club member Mat Bassett in the third round.
Jonathan Flint (Elmwood Park) v Richard Hocking (Burnside)
Congratulations also to Sherrie Cottle who has reached the final of the women’s singles
Sherrie Cottle (Elmwood Park) v Mandy Boyd (Burnside)

Centre Playoffs held Finals Weekend 20 – 21 January 2018:       3/4s     Belfast 1 v Elmwood Park

Congratulations to the section 1 vets pairs team who won their section convincingly. They won every game playing 7 for 7 wins. The team was D. Vujcich & T. Woodham and N. Johnstone & M.A. Johnstone. They were 15 points ahead of the second placed team, Papanui Club 3. The section 2 team consisting of B. Morel & L. Grey and P. Phair & B. Huphreys had 6 wins and 1 draw and were 1st= with Bowls Papanui 2, the team they had drawn with.
These two teams were involved in playoffs on Monday 18th a the Centre green. The two Elmwood Park teams progressed to the finals by defeating Belfast and Bowls Papanui.
The final resulted in a comprehensive win to Bev Morel & Lois Grey and Pam Phair & Bruce Humphreys.

Well done to the winning skips.




Elmwood Park had several players who were selected to participate in the Town v Country game to be played on Sunday, November 5.
Town:   P. McKinnel   J. Flint   J. McKinnel   S. Cottle   E. Robbins [Developmental] Country:   M. Bassett   R. Greaney
Congratulations and good luck.
Click on the picture to see how they got on.